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About Us – Pro Athlete Retirement Coaching

Sports retirement business coach

Meet Your Coach

Lorenda Phillips is a business and pro athlete retirement coach and consultant, whose Master’s Certification in Coaching from ICF and nearly 20 years of experience, puts her in a unique position to help pro athletes carry on a successful career long after their retirement from the game.

With her structured assessments and coaching, retired pro players are able to use their experience and talent to create rich and fulfilling lives, in which they can thrive financially and be proud of their success – both on and off the field.

professional athlete retirement plan


Professional athletes – winners for life.


Providing professional athletes with the very best personal development programs, through which they can become successful leaders and winners in the future.

Winning is a habit, Success is a choice. Get in touch with us today!

Lorenda's Story

Invest in your personal development. You got yourself to the pros, you can get yourself to the next phase.

Lorenda Phillips has been a transition and business coach for over 18 years, coaching thousands of professionals to do better and be happier in their lives. She is passionate about her work with professional, major league athletes. Lorenda sees these men as leaders in their retirement, as they were while playing. “They have what it takes to be successful on the field and when their playing days are long over”. She lives in Los Angeles, California.

Career coach for pro athletes

Our Team

Maura O’Flynn

Financial Coach

Maura is a Money expert and owner of O’Flynn Financial Consulting –she has worked with hundreds of small business owners and individuals for over 25 years “Creating Freedom, Power & Magic with your Money.”
[read more=’Read More’ less=’Read Less’]We work hands on to create a financial future inside your vision with goals, focusing on personalized budgets that work for you. We are committed to putting you in control of your debt, building assets, and helping you to save for your future, while educating you on all of your day to day financial concerns.[/read]

Anne Marie Smith M.S.

College Career Counselor

Anne Marie is a college counselor practitioner that specializes in career counseling. Her holistic perspective and over twenty years of experience allows her to quickly strategize, connect and empower clients to reach their long and short-term goals.

Marc C. Phelps

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Marc C. Phelps, CPA-Established a boutique accounting firm in 2006. We do tax preparation (individual, business and estate), financial accounting (compilations, reviews and audits), and small business
[read more=’Read More’ less=’Read less’]consulting. We have a number of former professional athletes in our client portfolio.[/read]

Karen Liz Albert

Social Media Expert

Karen Liz Albert, is a Social Media expert, speaker, and owner of Behind Your Curtain. With over 20 years experience in marketing and consulting Karen has successfully used her Social Media expertise to launch
[read more=’Read More’ less=’Read less’]targeted Social Media marketing campaigns for business owners and entrepreneurs, to achieve tangible marketing results by strategically promoting brand awareness and increasing customers. [/read]



Art Swerdloff is a lawyer who has been serving the estate planning needs of professionals, business persons, entrepreneurs and their families for over thirty years in Marina del Rey, CA. Services include the creation

[read more=’Read More’ less=’Read less’]Services include the creation of Trusts, Wills, and Powers of Attorney and related documents. Art believes in building life-long relationships to enhance the security of his clients and to give peace of mind that matters of insurance, investments, and wealth preservation have been carefully planned.[/read]

Billy A.D. Blase

Financial & Portfolio Advisor

Billy works with high and ultra-high net worth individuals and families, providing a high caliber of service to satisfy their wealth management needs. He assists clients in wealth preservation and strategic investment services,

[read more=’Read More’ less=’Read less’] focusing on alternative investments, hedge funds and private equity opportunities.

Billy earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from Yale University and was goaltender for Yale’s varsity ice hockey team. As Founder and President of the Yale Sports Entertainment Society, Billy enlisted high profile industry professionals to address Yale students and the surrounding community.

Following graduation, he played professional ice hockey in Europe while earning both a Master’s degree in international energy and a certificate of management from SciencesPo in Paris. While abroad, Billy worked at the US Embassy in Paris obtaining a high level security clearance as a member of the Embassy’s economic and energy team. Upon his return to California, Billy worked for a boutique investment bank and asset management firm specializing in wealth preservation and investment solutions for entertainment executives, celebrities, and professional athletes.

When he’s not in the office, Billy enjoys playing goal in a competitive celebrity hockey league in Los Angeles. He is a native of Santa Monica, California.[/read]

Shirin Hart


My passion as a therapist is supporting people in living, healthy fulfilling lives. I understand the unique challenges facing professional athletes: the social pressure, relationship challenges and internal battles that cause pain

[read more=’Read More’ less=’Read less’] and can dampen performance. I specialize in helping people have breakthroughs in suffering and stagnation, so that they can take their performance and results to the next level. Together we take what’s in the way out of the way so that accomplishments can be enjoyed. I would love to hear you share about your unique challenges and your life’s vision. I would be honored to be your partner in fulfilling the outcomes you desire. [/read]

Brandon Leopoldus


Brandon Leopoldus is a Los Angeles based attorney working with current/retired athletes and entertainers across the country on every aspect of their legal and business needs. His focus is on creating revenue-generating

[read more=’Read More’ less=’Read less’] strategies for his clients and implementing easy to understand legal structures providing clients flexibility and increased protection.[/read]

Kristi Dosh

President & Publicist

Kristi Dosh is a publicist who founded Guide My Brand to work with entrepreneurs and nonfiction authors to establish themselves as experts in their niches and become more visible for their expertise through opportunities

[read more=’Read More’ less=’Read less’] such as guest blogs, podcast interviews, public speaking engagements, feature articles and media appearances. Kristi is her own best case study, beginning her career as a corporate attorney and used a combination of blogging, social media, public speaking and media appearances to become a nationally-recognized expert on the business of sports. She left the corporate world to work for such outlets as Forbes and ESPN, and today she works with busy entrepreneurs and nonfiction authors who want to become experts themselves and step into the spotlight so they can grow their businesses.


Richard Oelberger, PhD

Clinical & Sports Psychology

Based in Beverly Hills, Richard Oelberger’s approach encompasses martial arts philosophy, somatic approaches, spiritual psychology, and mental performance techniques—all grounded in clinical psychology principles and behavioral strategies.

[read more=’Read More’ less=’Read less’] He is a Somatic Experience practitioner and a Certified Mental Performance Consultant in Sports Psychology. He has worked with high school, collegiate, and professional level athletes. He is also a member of MMA Management Groups’ team of sports. He is the podcast host of RichardListens, and the podcast co-host with Lorenda Phillips of Making the Jump. [/read]

Sports retirement business coach

Thoughts about RFS


Lorenda knows what she is talking about. Players in the past generations had enough time to create their own businesses in the off season, something they could use to support them after they finished playing. Since they don’t have that back up, and most of the guys don’t make the millions reported, they need to make business acquaintances and create what is next for them while they are playing

Willie Davis, NFL Hall of Famer

I met Lorenda on a flight out of Oakland a few years back. She told me about her company and her vision for pro athletes after they retire. I thought it was a great idea. Some of the guys need a little help in their transition after sports.

Mychal Thompson, NBA Champion, Center for the LA Lakers


“If you’re currently playing, I’m guessing that’s the sort of decision you don’t want to think about at the moment. I don’t blame you. You’re playing at the highest level in the world — why would you think about it ending? There’s nothing better than playing in the NHL — enjoy it. But, unfortunately, your career will one day come to an end. I was extremely fortunate to have some mentors who pushed me in the right direction when I realized that my career in hockey was all but over. I can’t tell you how thankful I am for that.”

Brandon Crombeen Retired NHL


“It is helpful that athletes think about retirement from sport and develop strategic plans for the end of their career. There are many ways that an athlete can suddenly end a career in sports, so having a backup plan is important for the athlete to disengage from competitive sport.”

Dr. Robert Pankey Ed.D. in his abstract: Disengagement From Organized Sports


“I take most of the blame. As athletes and players in the NFL, I think we should take the blame, because we can change it. “We just gotta wake up.” Comments on a CBS 60 Minutes report, after losing millions along with fellow players on a get-rich-quick

Vernon Davis Former tight end in the NFL


“The biggest challenge many of our players have is looking ahead for the rest of their lives. They have everything, in a sense. In the NFL, they’ve achieved their dream of playing at the highest level. They have a lot of money, but it comes to an end quicker than most of them can even imagine.”

Paul Tagliabue Former Commissioner of the NFL


“ ‘Not going to happen to me…’ Really? Really? It’s and opportunity, not a career. The smart guys already know what they wanted to do before they left football.”

Herman Edwards American football coach and former NFL player


“That first check from the NFL is nice. That money can vanish when you try to live the NFL lifestyle like a 10-year veteran.”

Matt Brown ESPN Staff Writer

Winning is a habit, Success is a choice. Get in touch with us today!

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