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Sports retirement business coach

Don’t Drop the Ball

Ace Your Retirement

As a professional NFL, NHL, NBA or MLB athlete, you stand to lose a lot when you retire.

Coaches, agents and business managers all move on and it can feel like you are left without support, purpose or your identity – and, in some cases, without money.
But the great news is, it doesn’t have to turn out that way. Life will throw you curve balls, but there is no reason why you can’t hit a home run – in the game and out of it.

How do you hit that home run? It’s all in the preparation – having the right resources and a solid game plan. With Retired From Sports, you always have someone in your corner helping you to set yourself on the right track for your future – while you’re still playing.

Your success doesn’t have to end when your sporting career does. It’s your life – hit it out of the park.

mlb retirement plan


Your First Move

A course specially designed to get YOU on the right path for a successful retirement.

The Millionaire Track

A course created for aspiring business owners.

Half Time: Relax to Build Power

Go on a luxury vacation while learning valuable information that will boost your productivity and keep you active.

Sports retirement business coach


Our customized coaching and consulting program focuses on what you need to keep winning at life. We learn about you and then show you how you can develop your skills and strengths to keep you one step ahead while you create your new life.

Winning is a habit, Success is a choice. Get in touch with us today!


Why Play Ball with Us?

We know the challenges you face

We focus on execution and result

Wide variety of custom- built programs

We’ve spent thousands of hours of coaching for results

...and an equal amount in training and programs

Professional service providers for additional help for you

What Our Clients Say


“I’d been trying to build an insurance book of business for over a year. I’d poured a lot of start up money into the business, but my team and I were not able to make the numbers month after month. I had been warned by corporate to pick up my stats about the time I met Lorenda. We then put together a more seasoned team, added new customer service systems and I hired a general manager to manage the branch while I was away from home playing. The numbers went up within 60 days, and we are no longer on the low producer’s list! I am making more money, building a future and have far less stress.”

NFL Professional


“I’ve been in professional sports for 2 years. My parents suggested I work with Lorenda of Retired From Sports. I am getting clear about what kind of work I want to do and I am taking her advice to meet community and business leaders who can help me.”

NHL Athlete
Career coach for pro athletes

Winning is a habit, Success is a choice. Get in touch with us today!