It’s Now Your Move!

If you are retired from pro ball or currently playing, you are here because you’re thinking about what you are going to do in retirement. If you share the statistics of your fellow colleagues, your time playing is shorter than expected, leaving you with a future of…what’s my next move?

The tricky part is, if you are still playing, you’re focusing all your attention on the sport. Your coaches, agent and the raving fans actually demand that from you. So you decide to focus on what’s next when you leave the field, but…there is a real problem with that thinking!

Don’t wait. No matter if you are currently playing or have retired from pro ball, it is not too late and it is never too early. Contact us and we will tell you why you cannot wait. We will find a way together so that you can build your future career now, whether you are on or off the field. Call us. It’s now your move.


We offer a premiere, customized coaching and consulting program that focuses on what you need to win your next game. We learn a lot about you, and teach you how to develop your talents and strengths, giving you a great leap forward in creating your new life.




We offer three extraordinary courses for those ready to get on track now. The first course, called Your First Move, has been designed to get you on the right path for a successful retirement. The Millionaire Track is built for those of you wishing to become business owners. The third course, called Break, is a recovery opportunity—a vacation course that provides information on enhancing your productivity while relaxing in a luxury destination.