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You Have Developed Business Skills

You Have Developed Business Skills

Success on the field, court or ice can be transferred to a leadershipposition in your next phase.Whether you become a business owner or hold a corporate job or work in the media, you have developed skills and abilities to become a leader wherever you land.

Below are High Performance behaviors you have developed through sports that will prove beneficial to other future opportunities.

You are all in.  120%.  You never say under 100%, it is always over that number.  You think about all the work you have had to do both physically and mentally and of course would come up with 100%+!

Strong work ethic.  You cannot be the best without practicing and you know that.  Add up all of the hours of weight training and practicing. You are used to hearing, “Okay, let’s try it again”.  And, you do.  And, then again.

Focus and concentration.  When you play, you block out all other distractions.  One cannot think of two thoughts at the same time (scientifically proven), and it does not take long to find out which thought remains when you get on the ice and the puck is in play.  There is nothing else to focus on other than the game.  When Kobe had a lot of personal issues in 2003-2004, he had to find a way to block out the chaos while he was playing.  He used “Black Mambo”, whenever he was on the courtuntil his retirement.  It worked for him.

Team.  Basketball, baseball, hockey and football are team sports.  As a pro, you have to identify everyone’s unique abilities, and figure out how to work together to form a powerful, unbeatable team. No one makes the World Series due to one player.You know you must work together to be the best.

Goal Oriented.  Achieving goals are the motivators of a successful athlete.  Think of all the measurements in sports!  They measure how effective the players are:   how many RBIs, how many defensive blocks made, how many plays completed, how many fouls, etc, etc, etc.  Professional athletes are comfortable with measurements of their performance.  They love to compare their stats with other players making competition, the driving force for winning, a natural fall out.

There are other attributes pro athletes have developed over their course of play and all of them enhance the probability of a successful business leader.  It comes to no surprise that the statistics show that pro athletes have a higher job performance rating versus the non athlete.  Remember, not only have you developed yourself to pro status in your sport, you also have what it takes to be a business leader.