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Kevin Durant, the businessman

Kevin Durant, the businessman

Kevin Durant isn’t just an NBA superstar. He’s also a savvy investor and businessman with a large, diverse portfolio. Durant’s investment company, the Durant Company, co-owned by partner Rich Kleiman, has investments in roughly 30 companies through a network of venture capitalists. The company’s investment include the likes of deliver company Postmates, digital currency exchange platform Coinbase, drone company Skydio, and bike and scooter sharing company Limebike.

Thirty Five Media, Durant’s media production and creative development company, also co-owned by Rich Kleiman, currently produces the content for Durant’s Youtube Channel, which was started in April of 2017, and as of the writing of this article has almost 694,000 subscribers and close to 27,000,000 views. The media company has also partnered with YouTube to create sports programming such as a new digital series being developed with actor-director Michael Rapaport that will air on Durant’s channel. YouTube and Thirty Five Media have also been working together to help other professional athletes create their own dedicated YouTube Channels. NFL cornerback, Richard Sherman, NBA player Karl-Anthony Towns, and Durant’s teammates Nick Young and JaVale McGee are some of the players that Thirty Five Media is currently working with.

Kevin Durant may have a knack for business, but he knows the importance of mentorship and coaching. Being in Silicon Valley has allowed him to brush shoulders with tech and financial big shots, including mentors Ron Conway (an early-stage Google and PayPal investor) and Ben Horowitz (co-founder of Silicon Valley venture capital fund Andreessen Horowitz), and friend Chris Lyons (Andreessen Horowitz Chief of Staff). Teammates Andre Iguodala and Stephen Curry, notable businessmen themselves, are also part of the superstar’s financially savvy council.

Eventually, Durant would like to have his own NBA team, he told ESPN.

“I wish I had the money. It’s crazy. Obviously, the financial part is definitely going to be the hardest part. I’ve been part of two great organizations. I know the game inside and out and I know the players. And I feel like these NBA franchises just change lives. They change cities. I would love to do that. All the aspects of owning a team, I would love to be involved in — from the financial and marketing side to the team-building to the camaraderie to the coaching.”

If things keep going for Durant the way they have been, owning an NBA team may not be just a dream for long.
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