Annual Premiere Millionaire Club Coaching and Consulting
This is a unique, customized, high-level coaching program that focuses on you and what you need to win your next game. We start with a detailed inventory of you – your past and your present – so that we can build a brilliant future. You will develop a strategic plan to attain your aims. This plan will include getting your financial house in order, because, as you know, “Winning in life and in business” includes having money! You will shift from overwhelm and frustration to stability and joy. No longer will you be unclear of your direction and purpose. You will have resources to tap into when needed, and someone “on the field” with you every step of the way. Because you will build a plan and I will support you in its fulfillment, your chances of getting to your aims are exponentially higher.

“It’s an opportunity, not a career. The smart guys already knew what they wanted to do before they left football.”

Herman Edwards
NFL Cornerback & Head Coach
As reported by ESPN documentary, Broke, 30 for 30