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Training Camp 2016

It’s the last week in July, and NFL teams are at Training Camp. Whether it is in Napa, California, East Rutherford, New Jersey or in any of the 30 other camps, there will be weeks of training, scrimmages, workouts, practice games, drills, meetings-­‐-­‐all to get the teams in winning condition for the 2016-­‐2017 NFL Season.

Each team can start training with about 90 players, but at the official beginning of the season, about 1 out of every 2 players goes home. This is the ultimate extreme sport in terms of competition! Think of it, competing in Pop Warner all the way to the pros, they are the best out of millions of players.

What are the coaches and the executives looking for from these gifted athletes? “Winners” is the correct answer. Whether you are one of these players, affiliated with sports or not, here are some of the attributes of a winner:

  1. Be 100% in. “All in” preparing for, and during the regular season.
  2. Set high goals every day (or ½ day for those “two-­‐a-­‐day” days) of training camp and during the regular season.
  3. It’s a team sport. Play like you know it.
  4. High discipline -­‐responsible for your mind and your body always.
  5. Integrity -­‐ doing what you said you would. It’s all on you. No blame.
  6. Highly motivated, no matter what comes at you.
  7. Release. Let your body and mind take a break so that they can rebuild for the next job you ask it to do.

To support you with #7, here is a little release. For fun, take this short quiz. Who starred in the following football movies?

(A) Remember the Titans, (B) Any Given Sunday, (C) Friday Night Lights. (D) The Blind Side, (E) Rudy, (F) Jerry Maguire

(F) Tom Cruise, Cuba Gooding, Jr., (E) Sean Astin, Jon Favreau, (D) Quinton Aaron, Sandra Bullock, (C) Billy Bob Thornton, Connie Britton, Mick Winchell, (B) Al Pacino, Dennis Quaid, (A) Densel Washington